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Ramadan Day 27 – bow down in prayer


At Barclays Park, East Cost, Barbados


Salaah in a Sanctuary – a Barbados Eid Gaah


On Saturday past, the Muslim community in Barbados celebrated Eid ul Fitr, and as with all Muslim communities, started the day with communal Eid salaah – the special two rakaah congregational prayers with additional takbeers and a khutbah. Some perform the Eid salaah outdoors, others indoors. In Barbados, there were three Eid gaahs – three outdoor congregations assembling for the performance of the Eid ul Fitr salaah. BH, BD, Youngest and I attended the one held at the Graeme Hall Bird Sanctuary. It was indeed a sanctuary of serenity. We prayed on the Lakeside Lawn surrounded by the greatest landscaper and outdoor designer there is – Allah, swt, whose greenery cocooned us on all sides save the lake, shaded by clumps of bamboo and mangrove, soundproofed by shrubbery. Post-salaah, we lingered, shared, lingered some more. These are some of the photos taken, and I hope you sense at least a scintilla of the serenity which we experienced and which preceded a peaceful and very enjoyable Eid weekend.

The Graeme Hall Sanctuary is a Wetland. See the following article: Thoughts on Graeme Hall Wetland for a better description of what it was and what it is.

Everything we touch we change

2015-05-16 11.49.46

Michael runs Underwater Barbados, and Camp Aquarius. Each Saturday children and swim counsellors turn up at Carlisle Bay, Barbados, to explore the rudiments of swimming in the big blue sea.

Before venturing into the water with varying degrees of trepidation, attendees warm up as directed in the big circle, and end their warm up with Michael’s words/mantra about the effect of each of us on our human and natural environment:

“Everything we touch we change,

everything we change changes us,

the everlasting truth is change,

and who is change?

God is change

To get along with God we must consider the consequences of our behaviour”

The CFF 5K on 16th day of Ramadan

2015-07-04 11.38.46

Today was the CFF (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Barbados) 5K walk/run. Yellow T-shirts walked, blues ran. BH & BD wore yellow. I’ve copied and pasted the below information on cystic fibrosis from the website: http://patient.info/health/cystic-fibrosis-leaflet but there are many sites that can provide information.

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Lord of All the Worlds – Praise and Prayers (amidst sargassum seaweed)


This Sunday, we started tafsir of Sura Fatiha – The Opening. Amongst its seven ayahs is the verse:
“All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds” – Tafsir: Allah deserves to be praised for the perfection of His qualities, material gifts, and spiritual blessings. Therefore, people should praise Him for everything He has given them. He alone deserves it. He is the Lord of the worlds, meaning He made everything that exists, maintaining it at every moment. He is the Lord who nourishes the believers with faith and good works.

The first 3 verses are verses of praise, the last 3 verses are verses of prayer, and the middle verse is a blend of both.

This Saturday, we travelled to Atlantis Restaurant, Bathsheba, on the East Coast, near to the famous soup bowl (surfers). The photo is one taken from the deck of the restaurant where we had a ‘spot’ of tea (well Great-Aunt and I did, the children had iced coffee with whipped cream and chocolate sauce). And there, in all of its splendour was this little boat out on the Atlantic Ocean, framed by swaying coconut trees and mats of sargassum seaweed.

Make space

Errol Barrow Day – a public holiday in Bim. For the past 9 years, the Nurse family has hosted the Lawson Nurse Memorial Scrabble tournament, and for some of us, it’s become the only time each year that we play Scrabble face to face with human beings.

This year I attended reluctantly, Scrabble, believe it or not, takes physical stamina, and Chick V virus tends to drain that. My aim was to play 3 rounds and leave – our typical tournament runs 6 rounds so that we could be there all day, not my goal this year. But the road to victory is sometimes quirky.

I won the 3 rounds I played before lunch. Did that pose a dilemma? Should I leave on a winning note?

I stayed and played. And readied to leave. To be reminded that my game board was still in play (by other competitors). So I waited some more.

And lo and behold –

2015-01-21 17.21.11

Highest game score ironically against the second highest scorer who complained bitterly without realising that my high score was made against him.

So message to NOS was to make space – he has been conducting this one way competition against me to see who has the greater number of trophies.

Now, what does this have to do with being a deenbuddy? I asked myself that exact question. And pondered. Too often, persons seek to dissect (or multisect) Islam into secular and religious. But Islam is a way of life and all aspects of our life can be the worship of Allah swt. There are some who seek to decry the significance or indeed, even the usefulness of leisure activity within our lives, but levity and leisure are I think, essential to physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Grassroots – Fair Play March in January

2015-01-18 09.27.41

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

So, in my quest to be more involved this year, I dressed on Sunday morning and accompanied BH and Youngest to what was purported to be a tournament (of which they had notice the day prior). Off we went, Youngest in football gear, and BH and I in softwear (otherwise known as non-brand name sneakers – well, ok, mine maybe, BH’s probably was gear), to NSC’s home ground surrounded by the Ivy (not the plant but reputedly poisonous nevertheless).

There it lay in all of its uncovered sunburnt glory on one of those anomalous morns – where in our tropical zone, the sun burnt and the breeze froze. With tots to pre-teens shucking their upper covers and donning colours bearing the banner ‘Grassroots’.

Out they marched to FIFA’s anthem, to stand afield while their national anthem’s music played (alas, who sings the lyrics anymore, save me?),and then be divided into groups to participate in 5 drills, each drill followed by a mini-game. FIFA’s Fair Play stratagem to be instilled. Duration – approximately 2 hours.