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Salaah in a Sanctuary – a Barbados Eid Gaah


On Saturday past, the Muslim community in Barbados celebrated Eid ul Fitr, and as with all Muslim communities, started the day with communal Eid salaah – the special two rakaah congregational prayers with additional takbeers and a khutbah. Some perform the Eid salaah outdoors, others indoors. In Barbados, there were three Eid gaahs – three outdoor congregations assembling for the performance of the Eid ul Fitr salaah. BH, BD, Youngest and I attended the one held at the Graeme Hall Bird Sanctuary. It was indeed a sanctuary of serenity. We prayed on the Lakeside Lawn surrounded by the greatest landscaper and outdoor designer there is – Allah, swt, whose greenery cocooned us on all sides save the lake, shaded by clumps of bamboo and mangrove, soundproofed by shrubbery. Post-salaah, we lingered, shared, lingered some more. These are some of the photos taken, and I hope you sense at least a scintilla of the serenity which we experienced and which preceded a peaceful and very enjoyable Eid weekend.

The Graeme Hall Sanctuary is a Wetland. See the following article: Thoughts on Graeme Hall Wetland for a better description of what it was and what it is.


The coming of Eid – the Baker in some of us

2015-07-15 18.38.01

The majority of the visible muslim community in Barbados have one culture in common, and it translates to dress and culinary arts. At Eid time, sweetmeat plates abound, and are shared, in all colours, flavours, seeming intricacies, the jealously guarded recipes.

You all know that BD loves baking. Last year, she joined the bandwagon in her own inimitable style (with lots of kitchen & packing assistance from Number One Son and me). This year, she went all cupcakes. With no kitchen assistance, and only some packing assistance (especially as Number One Son was out of island).

I was supposed to post on Friday, but was caught up in all of the last minute (thank God that there was one more day before Eid) hoorah. So, as a teaser, here are the ingredients of one of the cupcakes. Can you guess what it became?