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Grassroots – Fair Play March in January

2015-01-18 09.27.41

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

So, in my quest to be more involved this year, I dressed on Sunday morning and accompanied BH and Youngest to what was purported to be a tournament (of which they had notice the day prior). Off we went, Youngest in football gear, and BH and I in softwear (otherwise known as non-brand name sneakers – well, ok, mine maybe, BH’s probably was gear), to NSC’s home ground surrounded by the Ivy (not the plant but reputedly poisonous nevertheless).

There it lay in all of its uncovered sunburnt glory on one of those anomalous morns – where in our tropical zone, the sun burnt and the breeze froze. With tots to pre-teens shucking their upper covers and donning colours bearing the banner ‘Grassroots’.

Out they marched to FIFA’s anthem, to stand afield while their national anthem’s music played (alas, who sings the lyrics anymore, save me?),and then be divided into groups to participate in 5 drills, each drill followed by a mini-game. FIFA’s Fair Play stratagem to be instilled. Duration – approximately 2 hours.


Sayf-Chelsea Training Clinic-2013

“I don’t like Chelsea”, says soon-to-be-8-year-old, supporter of ManU.
“Shush” say Mom & Teenaged Bro.
“But I don’t like Chelsea”.

Time: 8:50a.m.
Venue: Kensington Oval.
Event: Chelsea Training Clinic.
Attendee: Youngest.
Kit: BTA & Chelsea branded authentic Chelsea T-Shirt (see the Chelsea brand at the base of the number 1) with own shorts, shin pads, football socks & togs. Drills in the morning, games in the afternoon.