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Ramadan flicker 14



A Ramadan Minute

Assalaamu alaikum

Another Ramadan is upon us.

Ramadan Mubarak to all.

May we each be blessed with the ability to engage in additional acts of worship and rendering of good deeds.

May we be blessed to be grateful for what we have and blessed to share with others who may have less.

May we smile at our brother and sister.

And our children.

May we be kinder, more compassionate, less thoughtless.

May we be more attuned to our Creator.

And to His revelation.

Mellie and Mandela

On practically every school outing during my early years, we visited the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens in Port of Spain. This summer, I was able to revisit with BH, children, Nieces and YoungerBrother in tow. Pictured here are the Emperor Valley Zoo’s latest acquisition, 7 year old Mellie and Mandela (so much for originality). And again, we praise Allah swt:

“And there is no creature on [or within] the earth or bird that flies with its wings except [that they are] communities like you. We have not neglected in the Register a thing. Then unto their Lord they will be gathered.” (Qur’an, 6:38)”

Zoo Collage1