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Unveiling flags & 50s


Of the Independence monument on November 30, 2016, inclusive of a massive flag, and the sinking of a time capsule. On the night of Independence Day, after the almost islandwide flooding of the previous day, and with fireworks on the Garrison Savannah. A sister participated in the sinking of the time capsule, and a brother’s book was included in the contents.


Again, Youngest’s school participated in another activity – the Flags and 50s competition – using the flag and the 50 logo to create – voting was via likes on facebook & his school emerged winner, with a student then chosen to recite the pledge at the Independence Parade.


Another walk


BD’s charity walks are well documented by now. This Gregorian year marked the celebration of Barbados’ 50th anniversary of independence from its colonial master, and Youngest and his school participated in a slew of activities. Not being a helicopter mother, I sent him and BD off to the annual Nation funathalon walk where his school copped the prize for largest number of walkers from a school. Also included in the prizes was the youngest ‘walker’ in his perambulator!

Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said,

“Any action without the remembrance of God is either a diversion or heedlessness excepting four acts: Walking from target to target [during archery practice], training a horse, playing with one’s family, and learning to swim.” At-Tabarani

Station 88



On Monday 28 November 2016, Barbados attempted for the second time to have a human chain link around the 166 square mile island. The first attempt was made in 1979 and BH participated then. This time around, he was a marshal (and we think he was Chief Marshal). And the product of his loins (being BakerDaughter (I may have to change that appellation again), NoS, and Youngest) and his spouse and their mother (being me!) also participated.

Although participation sometimes needs to be defined. The intent was to line the street along a particular kilometre (assigned to schools, so while NoS went off to the GAIA strip, BD, Youngest and his raging fever, and I went off to Station 88 – pay close attention to the golden number on the roadway). Then at a particular time, you link hands, sing the national anthem, say the pledge of allegiance, and sing ‘Let’s Join Hands to Show We Love Barbados’, while miniature broken tridents (the insignia on the national flag) was passed along. Well, while there was lots and lots of ebbing and flowing for us to spread along the kilometre, our Station (according to BD’s rant to ‘What Drives Me Crazy’ the following morning) did not get any closure (other than a burqa tan:)). Times were not stuck to, and the new timings were not effectively communicated to the bystanders who had been standing in the sun for over 2 hours. The singing of the anthem passed us by. I and 6 other women sang the anthem lustily by ourselves. Arggh. But that is feedback for the next attempt.

The other golden symbol in the photo was Barbados’ official 50th anniversary of independence logo.

As Muslims, we do not live in isolation, our community includes our neighbours, our parishes, our country.