Tea-Party for 4+4

I know this should be fictional and a flight of fancy, but sometimes flights of fancy realise! I dropped sufficient hints about my desire for a tea-party, and after inadvertent eavesdropping and peeks and receipt of an e-vite meant for a friend, this was what ensued:

I was specifically told not to get involved but ordered to wear pink purple and/or grey, and a hat!

I snagged a pink lace hat from a great-aunt, oops, my aunt-in-law, and wore purple lace pants. No, I did not go topless, that was a white shirt with some bling-y cuff-links.

I turned up to:

A pink and purple streamer-ed tent in the backyard hung with pink and purple paper globe lanterns, below which sat a textured pinky-purple (what else <::>) table-cloth covered double table set for tea for 8 (2-a-side). The tablecloth shimmered and begged to be touched. Two pink flower pots of pink, purple (alright they looked deeper pink to me) and silver carnations, each place set with a tea-plate, upon which sat a saucer upon which sat a teacup within which sat a cloth napkin rolled into a rosette (or as Beloved Husband said, a froth of cream above a cuppa), on either side of which sat the cutlery, and a single gold-rimmed goblet. Ahh, almost forgot, a miniature wheelbarrow with pink bougainvilla, and balloons (yes, on the wheelbarrow, but also on the four corners of the tent – pink purple and what looked like musty-white but was grey):)


Centre-piece was a pink and purple fondant-covered cake (edge shown above) evincing a scrabble pouch and board! This was 2/3 chocolate and 1/3 orange cake.

Delectables were (contrary to the 3 savouries/2 sweet rule):

  • cream cheese chive and smoked salmon sandwiches
  • onion & gruyere mini quiches
  • cheese medallions (think cheese straw recipe)
  • tuna pastry cups
  • sourie and yogurt baked chicken toast cups
  • mini meatrolls
  • devilled eggs
  • mushroom vol au vents
  • fresh strawberry topped mini cheesecakes (chocolate bases)
  • scones with clotted cream and strawberry or raspberry jam
  • oatmeal cranberry cookies
  • meringue clouds


  • tea of course – all sorts of weird herbal concoctions, including strawberry passion fruit mango lemon ginger honey chamomile masala chai (and someone requested ‘normal’ tea so dependable Red Rose had to be snuck into a faux package and put within her reach)
  • fresh coconut water

Friends (a must-have):

  • 7 lovely hatted ladies (or 7 lovely ladies a-hatted) and


  • one husband and three children to serve (and nibble unseen)

Electronic communication devices:

  • put away (after two or three photos were snapped)

And least I forget, purple luncheon bags with huge scones, and star shaped cookies, and for the winners of the prizes – teacups and saucers, polka-dot bowls and jar of honey.

Thank you my Family, for a lovely afternoon!


7 thoughts on “Tea-Party for 4+4

    1. It was, despite some attendees being completely unused to wearing hats!
      In addition there were a couple ice breaker games, and we each took a circuit round the table to show off our garb!

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